Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Outrigger Island

Yesterday I took Noah to vbs @dayspring and he absolutely loved it! He could not stop talking about it all day long. He especially loved the surfboard pizza's that they had for snack! He was also happy because several of his classmates were there as well. So today the kids woke up and I asked Sydnie if she wanted to go (yesterday she went to a different vbs w/her bf) and of course she told me this morning that she did not want to go! She was tired and wanted to stay home and do nothing. Then I had Noah go ask her to come to vbs with him today, because they would both get a prize for bringing a friend............well that did it, she was super excited about going and getting a prize. As we were walking to Syd's class she turns to me, grabs my hand and says "oh mom, I think this is going to be really fun!"

I know why I have never signed them up for this vbs before (it costs quite a bit of money), but to have them there with their classmates and friends is worth it. Building that sense of community. Plus they go all out at that place! Decorations everywhere and lots of fun and energetic people running around. Cannot wait to hear what they did today.


imacootie said...

Thats awesome...both the VBS and the Tim concert. Would be a great concert to go to i'm sure!! I totally missed the boat on the VBS I spaced it. My kids have lots of friends at Dayspring too and they would of loved to go! OH well. haha. Hope Syd had a great time today too!