Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thank Goodness for Oxiclean

Yesterday in between the workouts, the swimming, the park and a barbeque with friends.......I did a load of kid laundry. Nothing new, nothing interesting. Until I took them out of the laundry machine and went to put them in the dryer.

As I took the first shirt out I saw some weird colors in weird places on the shirt. I took out a few more and realized that "something" was in the wash and it had ruined every, single piece of clothing in that load!!! I finally realized that it was crayons tucked away in a short pocket that had went thru the load and melted. So I rewashed it all in hot the second time, then picked out the clothes that really needed more love (aka oxi clean). I spayed them with oxiclean, ran them in hot with more oxiclean, vinegar and laundry soap (i got the recipe from google). I can hear the water right now, hopefully cleaning out the wax! If not it only ruined about 1/3 of the load! So much for mommy looking thru the pockets of clothes........not something I do very often I must admit!

Of course I am not mommy enough to take pix of this little happening. Just thought I would blog about it, for no reason really, just for fun. and I thought that when I look back in the years to come this will be one of those stories that I tell the kids with fondness and laughter (someday, not right much anger at ruined clothes). ha ha.


Bree said...

oh no! did they come clean? ack! I may have to call you for that recipe sometime! haha