Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just Show Up

To start the summer season I decided to read a nice, light book....Sisterchicks in Gondola's. These are books that you could get thru in one day if you did not have kids running around you all day long, demanding your attention. I have read all the preceding books and have always walked away with some truth or insight that God put in there just for me! This time the book was dealing with new seasons in our lives and sometimes we just get a little lost and don't know how to deal with that new season. The main character finally realizes that all she needs to do is "just show up" to the new season and God will provide the rest! Sometimes I forget that. But yet I see the blessings when I look back and see that His master plan was there all along, I just had to show up!

I have journaled before about leaving awana and stepping up to the plate at my kids' school. I had no idea why, just that I was suppose to. I have seen many blessings from that. I have made contact with many women who do not know the love of Jesus Christ. I pray that my life speaks to them, that He uses me to reach these women. Not just to get them to come to upward or awana. But really uses me. My good friend reminded me the other day that one woman who is in my life is there for a reason....maybe for me to set an example, maybe to just watch, maybe to impact her life for the rest of eternity. After we talked, I had a completely different perspective on my relationship with her. It is good to be reminded and always keep in mind that I just need to show up with the right attitude and heart.........then I can take flight in His plan.


Teresa said...

Boy, the attitude of the heart is so powerful! Thanks for such a great post and the wonderful reminder that we are just asked to "come", to just show up and let Him work through and in us! I am taking on this challenge as we start a new week to just show up, whole heartedly, willing to be Gods vessel! Thanks again!