Sunday, September 14, 2008

Worth the Drive

do u remember this post ( i had already found the perfect pizza, but it is not near us at all. This pizza is the best ever! The Tajano pizza is to die for. i had some for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. YUMMO! After the game yesterday we went to American Dream Pizza in Corvallis and then drove over to my brother and SIL's house. i complained in the last post about pizza costing $23.00, guess what, this one did too.....but really when the pizza is that good, who cares. When we were ready to take off they told us to take the left over pizza home with us........normally I would leave the leftovers, but this time they did not have to twist my arm. I happily took them home, ummmmm hello they have access to this delicious pizza all the time, i do not. So next time any of you are in OSU territory, head over to American Dream and experience true pizza nirvana.