Friday, July 11, 2008

The Great Pizza Hunt

alright people...........where can u find great pizza with a great price??? I will admit that I am a pizza snob, I love a good pizza.....veggie, garlic chicken, too many to name. But since we had children and went down to one income our pizza days have been relegated to figaros and now costco. more bang for your buck on that last one. But they are just not good. Yesterday was a very long day and all of our go to meals (ones I always have the staples on hand), I was missing one key I totally bagged it and decided to go to Round Table. It had been a couple of years and I knew that they had good pizza. I pre-ordered our pie so that it would be ready when we go there..........i ordered too early! It was cold! I had my trusty little coupon with me and thought it was a joke that I was ordering a large for $16.99. The whole pizza was consumed and my kids and husband were still hungry.I know it is decent pizza there and to feed the family on under $20.00 is pretty good, but then they came home and ate more. This morning I pulled the receipt from my pocket and saw that pizza we ordered and barely fed us was originally $23.00!!! What? I am mean What??

Oh well.......I guess it is back to costco or figaros for now. I am not willing to pay for paddington's, which is sooo yummy but at least $25.00. So where do you go when u want a good pizza for cheap?


imacootie said...

Yeah, we were excited to be getting a Round Table...until we went and spent just over $50 for us to eat there! I didn't have coupons, and we need 2 large pizza's! OUCH! We won't be doing that again. Walery's $9.99 pizza's are my fav! We don't mind JC PIzza's $14.99 deal, but we don't go inside to eat its dark and scary in there. So we are figaro's and Costco people too. haha.

erik w/a "k" said...

can i recommend their pizza buffet for $6.99? their cinnamon sticks are amazing!

buhtafly said...

good cheap pizza ? Little Caesars.

Oh wait. you said good. hahaha

We love Wallery's!

Rochelle said...

hey...erik that is what karston said, i am pretty sure i could see the glint of sugar/cinnamon in his eyes!