Thursday, July 03, 2008


Did anyone else hear the storms last night?

I was woke up last night by our beloved beagle who was obviously sensing something, because she would not lay down and was pacing back and forth. Suddenly I heard the first rolls of thunder move in and our bedroom was lit up by lightening. It was beautiful and very loud. It must have lasted about an hour, because I was awake for every lightening bolt and roll of thunder. Poor maddie would not settle down and kept running around the house, looking for somewhere safe to sleep. She only gets like that on the fourth of july, with all the noise. It is amazing that animals can sense changes in the weather and the earth. Before the chinese earthquake the zoo animals in that specific region were giving signs of something to come and we have all heard many stories of animals that have saved their owners by getting them out of the house before something devastating happens. I do love a good storm in the summer, especially when it is early evening and it just dumps buckets of rain then clears off to reveal the most amazing sunset! The golden rays reach your senses and you recall the beauty and promise of God's unending love for us.