Monday, July 21, 2008


I have been looking forward to this week for several months now!!! My week of freedom. My week to be with my friends and go shopping, watch some movies, eat out at girl lunches!! I dropped this kids off this morning and I have not been home until late this evening! Julanne and I drove up to pdx to the columbia employee store, went to lunch at Cheesecake factory, walked the square, and finished our day with a yummy cheesecake selection!!! Of course there was starbucks as well!!! It was a jam packed day and the rest of the week is looking about the same! So much for being at home and taking advantage of a quiet house!
The kids had a great first day. noah kept changing his mind..........I had a good time, I was bored. But he was anxious to go back. He did that paddle boats and they got so tired that they got stuck in the middle of the lake and had to be rescued! He thought that was pretty cool. He is super excited to try creek walking as well. Sydnie took her bf and they l.o.v.e their group, because everyone is in love with the jonas brothers!!! They talk about them non-stop!
I cannot wait for the rest of the week!!! I think that going to see mamma mia and batman and more shopping and of course starbucks is the perfect way to spend the week!