Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yesterday was the perfect end to a great week. I dropped the kids at the bus and then Julanne and I went to lunch at Wild Pear. We both could not stop saying yum with every bite! and to think that we almost went to Olive Garden!!! ha ha. I love the OG, but this was sooooo good. Not a meal that I would take a husband to very often, so it is fun to have friends who like to go there.

We also went to see MAMMA MIA!!!! I just have to say that I loved it! I love musicals! I love it when people just break out into songs in the middle of climbing a roof to peak in at old boyfriends!! I love it when goofy hotel staff pop their heads up on the roof top to look at said lady singing and dancing on said roof!!! It was really well done. It was a touch campy, not all the voices were perfect, but when you walk out of a movie is a hit. I am just sad that I have never seen the broadway show yet. I know that we had the option to go in vegas a couple of years ago, but instead we went to see cirque de soleil. This scene was one of my favorite parts of the whole movie....

But I did like this scene as well...classic song!

My next confessions is that I love, love ABBA. I grew up listening to their music. I had their records!! ha ha. I know I am old. Real Records!!! It was so fun to listen to the music in the movie, I did not remember all the lyrics, but the songs were all there, stored in my memory! I was always fascinated that they could sing in english, but not speak it very well. I think at one point even my barbies would sing along on a stage, with the record cover in the background, like she was on tour. The original Hannah Montana!!! ha ha. Oh man!!! It brings it all back.

The best part of this whole story is that the ads have been running during wipeout and everytime I saw one I would say that I could not wait to go see the movie. So Sydnie and Noah both have been asking me if I liked it and Sydnie will run around singing.......mamma mia, here i go again, my my, how could i forget ya!!!