Monday, July 14, 2008


who doesn't love a post that starts with GAS!!!

So last night we were out on our patio with my in laws and i could smell gas. We walked over towards the barbeque, it was not really stronger there, but we turned off the propane just to be safe. The smell kind of went away for awhile and we thought maybe one of the neighbors had their bbq turned on. We checked inside the house also, just in case one of the kids turned a knob on the stove. We eventually stopped looking and went to sleep. This morning I was sitting at the computer and could smell the gas again. This is the opposite end of the house that I had smelled it on last night. Now we all know, living where we live that the cow farms and the water treatment plant do give us some lovely smells! But this was different. So I decided to call NW Natural, the gas smell line (open 24/7) did not answer!!! ha ha. of course. I waited a few minutes and called back and they finally answered and sent a guy out. He brought his 2,000 dollar sniffer and could not detect anything. Weird right. I could still smell something, but not as strong. His "sniffer" did not detect a thing. Apparently my "sniffer" is on the fritz. So I now have missed my workout, but at least I have peace of mind and no leaky gas!


buhtafly said...

phew! good thing it wasnt a leak! I hate when I smell stuff like that too, we can never find the source, but I swear its there!