Thursday, July 17, 2008


picture by noah

i am exhausted right now! it is 8:42pm and I am ready for bed! Having a 2.5 year old around is like a major workout all wrapped up in a cute, huggable, kissable little person. okay, i confess it is not that hard to have her around! i am just amazed at how easily we forget what it is like. i think the worst part is my own two kids who have been fighting non-stop since monday! i have more patience and joy with my niece, i let her get away with more and i don't have to correct as often! although when i told her she had to her dinner tonight, her lip was almost touching the ground, she was working it! ha ha. but she ate it all, because i scooped it and told her too! so funny.

she is upstairs reading right now, hopefully she will settle in a little earlier tonight. today was a full day for her. we had pancakes for breakfast, walked to school for school library, listened to the story, played on the playground, ate lunch, watched the tigger movie, took a nap, went swimming, made crafts, jumped on the trampoline, ate dinner, drew with sidewalk chalk, "rode" a scooter, played golf, blew bubbles, painted toenails/fingernails and read books!

now if that is not a jam packed day, then i don't know what is? so tomorrow we deliver her back to her family and she gets to experience the joys of being the firstborn child, the ruler, the dominater, the i have a little brother to contend with! Her world is gonna be rocked, but i know that she loves her little brother already. she keeps telling everyone that she is a big sister now! she loves it. sooooooooooo cute. okay, seriously i am off to bed.


millertimeab said...

oh my gosh is this Jen's little girl, she looks just like Jen! Crazy!

I dropped by to give you my blog address :)