Thursday, July 03, 2008

Stolen Moments

i love my sister, will he ever leave me alone

this is the don't smile or look at the camera pix...she looks mad, he looks like he did something to make her mad. haha.

The other day on our farming adventures, we stopped at a stand to get some fresh strawberries. I decided to stop at this little stand that has this beautiful barn on the property, I admire it everytime I go by. I want to stop and go knock on the door to ask if I can pose my children in front of it to take pictures. I love the old wood. I love that half of the barn is not there! So when we stopped I bought the overpriced berries, just to get the kids to run to the barn and pose for a few shots. Of course, we were stealing this time with the it was a quick photo shoot. Now we all know with kids it is hard to get them to be natural and to what they are told when you are sweating and thinking the whole time that the owners are going to come barreling out their front door and sick that cute little beagle puppy on you. ha ha. Noah is such a ham that I could get no serious looking shots. Sydnie just loves to pose for the camera, so she was all smiles, until daddy told them to not smile and just sit there. I got a couple of great shots of syd individually, but noah just laughed the whole time. We made it out alive, even though the beagle howled the whole time alerting his unsuspecting owners that someone was stealing time with his barn! I think I will have to find another fruit stand with a barn next time and bribe the kids with ice cream if they cooperate!