Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sudden Wake Up

Last night I had just fallen asleep, probably snoring since I am really congested with allergies right now, when I suddenly heard noah crying. This is a common occurence in our house, since he has experienced night terrors and sleepwalking. I slowly opened my eyes, put on my glasses and rolled out of bed. I am use to finding noah throughout the house, in weird places when he is in the middle of sleepwalking or in the middle of terrors! So last night, I realized as I reached his room that he had went downstairs to our family room. I ran down the stairs, just in time to reach him as he threw up all over the hardwood floors! I called upstairs to thad to come clean up as I attended to noah, which works out very well for me!! hehe. After I got a bowl, small sip of water and a wet washcloth for noah, I put him back to bed. He rolled over and went straight to sleep! That was a little more elusive for took me about a half and hour to go back to sleep. I am pretty sure that we are not dealing with the flu, although my stomach has been upset as well. I think it was more to do with the two bday parties back to back......staying up late, cake, cake and more cake! I am going to keep him home this morning and make sure we don't have any repeats of last night!


Teresa said...

How sad! I always feel bad for the kiddos when they are sick and throwing up. It is such a yucky experience! I hope he is feeling better today!