Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Secret Agent Man

My little guy has always had such an imagination and he has always been a little paranoid about robbers. If he sees a red car, it is a robbers. If he sees someone walk by our house, it is a robber. So two weeks ago we were in the car at a stop light and noah says "mom, that guy is pointing at me, I think he wants to come and take me away!" A week later we are in the living room, the shades are down and noah says "mom, that guy who was pointing at me is in our backyard, he is a robber and here to steal me!" Two days later he runs down from the playroom and says "mom, that guy who pointed at me is in our driveway, he is here to take me!"

So we started playing spy games to see if we could beat the robber at his own game! His friends are totally into spy gear right now too. Plus he got to go to his friends bday party that was all spy!!! Which totally rocked his world to go play lazer tag....good job jeananne and erik. He came home with this awesome tshirt that was custom made, SPY GUYS! He has not taken it off. We went to target and bought a bunch of their spy gear stuff. So he has been setting the alarms everywhere, listening on his spy ear and causing basic mischief.

So yesterday he logged onto lego and what do they have right now.......spy legos! They even have a bunch of games online to play! He is such a happy little boy and there has not been talk of robbers invading our house anymore! We have answered lots of questions about spys and what they do and if he could be one someday. So if you find yourself at my house and we are in the middle of a conversation and suddenly you hear a little giggle around the corner.............know that their is a little spy guy just around the corner, listening in! But don't fear, he is only there to protect us and keep us safe from all the bad guys in the world!


Teresa said...

This is such a cute post! I can see him now...watch out world, you won't know what hit you!!! :)