Sunday, July 06, 2008

A New Friend

This little guy was found in the grass under the tree swing at grandma and grandpa's. Noah was swinging and started yelling for us all to come over and see this little guy. The three kids were a little freaked out and excited all at the same time. No one wanted to touch him, because grandma told them they would get a disease! ha ha. So thad came over and picked him up and put him in the tree. At the same time that was happening a rabbit hopped into the yard and there was more yelling and screaming. unfortunately there were dogs in the yard and the rabbit was too fast for pictures. It was a animal type of day. Of course syd wanted to keep the frog in a canning jar! I was half inclined to let her, but I think it is a little cruel to keep something so cute in a jar on a counter. In the end the kids used sticks and tried to make the frog hop up the tree so that they could play with him. We lost track of him...not sure where he ended up. ribbit.