Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Zoo

Refreshing treat on a hot day
I want a hippopotamus for christmas...well it is july

this was a huge croc. the shot actually turned out really good

Pele the painting Parrot

This elephant gave us quite a show: splashing in the water, eating bamboo, throwing water up in the air with his trunk.

The three amigos!

The lone girl, she rocks

Picnic at Washington Park afterwards. this is right before he turned the bottle upside down and spilled rapsberry crystal lite all over my white shirt!
We had a great time yesterday. It was 2$ day at the zoo. Crazy. But we powered thru and we were done by 1opm and off to a picnic at the park. We did not last too long there....too hot! Afterwards Julanne and I went to starbucks to enjoy a blended lemonade!! YUMMY. After that it was home for the night and watching a little wipeout as a family!


Rochelle said...

i know.i was there,mom.but it was fun.www.this is sydnie