Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what time is it??????

it's time to get lost in the last adventures of bella and edward. to see what she decides. to read about her fate. to know what this strange and weird power that she has. it's twilight time.

hello out there.........

has anyone seen the ticker over here on the right? are you anxiously awaiting? are you counting down the seconds until friday @ midnight? is anyone else trying to quickly read thru eclipse to get ready for friday? is anyone else ignoring workout, housework, children?

on a separate note, the love of musicals has hit me again and i have been listening to mamma mia, phantom of the opera and le miserables since last friday. oh, don't forget about grease too. I love phantom and le miz. they are some of my favorite musicals. i have seen both several times on stage and julanne and i are anxious to go in the next couple of weeks to see phantom in pdx. when i worked at nike, there was this whole time period where we all listened to stage music, it is forever ingrained in me, part of who i am. and everytime i listen to mamma mia, I cannot help but smile everytime pierce brosnan sings! it has been written over and over (and not very nicely) that the man cannot sing....but he is still 007! i of course remember him from scarecrow and mrs king (have i told u that i am old)! there are some very unflattering scenes of pierce with no shirt on, colin firth with a gut hanging over his skinny legs......but in the end who does not love a man that will dress up in horrid costumes for the finale and sing like you have never heard singing before!!

that is really all i have to say. nothing new. same old boring stuff. except that yesterday while it was rainy i made some cookies ( i am also proud to say that most of the batch is left, good girl, you don't need 5000 cookies to help with your boredom!!!