Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I know ,I know

It has been a whole week since I posted, but I am a working mom now.........haha. So I just had a little story to share with you all this evening. As the kids and I were sitting around the breakfast table this morning, they were both studying their awana verses for tonight. Syd is gung ho, cannot wait to finish her book in one fell swoop. Where as noah is already telling me that he is not going to go to awana next year, maybe he will finish sparks, but not t&t. So syd was telling me that she could do 6 sections in one night and going on and on about it, when suddenly noah decides that two sections are not good enough for him, he now wants to finish an entire "chapter" in one night. He is only competetive with her! I swear if syd played on a sports team with him, he would be the best player out there, just to one up her. Cracks me up. Just a quick story, until later.