Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today was a national holiday for my daughter..........can anyone out there take a guess why? In order to celebrate the holiday she had to wear her special shirt, call her bff in the morning to arrange to wear the special shirts and they had a whole thing at recess planned! So I fed into the madness of the national holiday and make cupcakes, just 4, and brought them to her at lunch time to share with between the 4 friends. Can u guess yet? The cupcakes spelled out the national holiday on them? Anyone?

Happy Birthday Nick Jonas!!! I know I should not feed the beast by making n.i.c.k. cupcakes, but it was the cutest thing ever!!! They all wore their JB shirts and ate their cupcakes and played nick games on the playground. So for one day, Sydnie pretended that she met her favorite singer and shared a cupcake with him (she even wanted me to make sugar free cupcakes because he is diabetic)!!!


buhtafly said...

Its so hard not to feed into the "love" isnt it!? haha that sounds so very cute though!