Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Back

This is also the time of year for another one of my favorites............fall tv schedule!!! I have several favorites that are returning this year.........chuck, heroes, 24 (with TONY!!!!), grey's, house, smallville, the office and then there are the new ones. I sat down this week and watched fringe. new jj abrams show. made thad watch it with me, because back before children we would watch xfiles together. it was okay. i think i was expecting lost or alias. but it has intrigue and a good who "conspiracy" plot, so i think i will give it a few more weeks. I cannot say that there is really any other new shows that I am interested in watching this year............maybe the ex-list. it looks kind of cute, a nice girlie show. Plus I just got addicted to Hulu. They don't always have every episode, I missed the whole last part of house last year due to the writers strike and completely loosing interest in i wanted to catch up and they pulled all of the episodes off fox and hulu! huh? always good!!! It is going to be a very busy fall for me, lots of tv and hulu time!!! The return of my favorite shows..........I love fall!