Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OH NO!!!!

Crescent lake has been evacuated and is threatened with wildfires! This is our beloved lake, so many memories and good times. I went to bed with a sad heart last night after I heard about the fires. I cannot lose this place. This lake where I grew up going every summer and spent so many hours swimming and climbing China Hill. The place where one summer my brother and I got ride in the camper, instead of the cab of the truck, down the hill to the grocery store! The place where I caught my first fish, lost a tooth and got a hook in my finger all in the same day. The place where my kids now go to experience crystal clear water, biking, the lodge and good, good memories. My prayer is that the fire does not touch this lake, that the tree lines remain, the lodge is still there and that the beautiful pumice beach is still white and crystal clear! My heart is still sad this morning as I looked thru all of our camping pix for the last several years...thought i would post a few of what this lake has been to us. It is like I am saying goodbye to a dear friend, well hopefully not goodbye, just take care.......we love you.


buhtafly said...

Oh no is right! I hope it remains safe from the fires!!

Jim S. said...

So just read an update as I was sad for all of your memories going up in potential smoke. Looks like Crescent is in the clear?
Here's to loosing a tooth, riding in the camper and..."hmmm, what was the third?" Catching a fish? You get the idea. Good times.