Monday, September 15, 2008

Enjoy. It's Monday

This is exactly the type of "worship" I want to see in my church. bwaahaahahaa. I seriously cannot stop laughing.

I really like this vid for the dancing...i mean they can really groove. and i especially like the matchie matchersons vibe in this one. Plus I did not know that you had to snap your fingers at all time while on stage? Plus, uuuummmmm, breakdancing. Bonus!

But this vid has got to be my favorite!! i mean look at the feathered hair and come on who doesn't think that God is like a mountie!!!! (just listen, it says that). Plus I like the lead singer learned how to play rock n roll from Jesus!! hahahahaha. Plus diggin' the lady in the big ol' glasses, who likes like she is completely hot after the lead singer. hahahahaha. I also love it when the lead singer goes down and octave with Jesus is a friend of mine with what sydnie termed as a evil face!!!! hahahahaahahaha. Seriously gotta get me some of this in church on sunday!!!


Char said...

The first one wouldn't play, but the second one is HILARIOUS!!! Love it!!

jnkslagle said...

I feel robbed; I invested those precious minutes of my life only to have them squandered. My eyes have atrophied not from disuse, but misuse. Save me.
-K, of JnK