Saturday, September 13, 2008

I See Orange People

fan fair
the bungee run


passing the pigskin

the claw - the kids were super excited to get these

he is so proud that she loved the game.
she was involved and excited to be there...cheering for her daddy's team.

some person took a family pix...this is how it turned out!
at least i am in it, that almost never happens.

Today we took the kids to their first ever college football game. We have wanted to take them for awhile, but also wanted to wait until they were old enough to enjoy it and they did. It was a great day for some football! (disclaimer - i like my football with a chill in the air, but sunny) We headed to OSU early so that the kids could experience fan fair....a kids dream. They loved it. Free tshirts, free eye black, free ice cream and inflatables. Then it was onto hot dogs and the game. We did not have the greatest seats, but when kids go for free, who is gonna complain. Sydnie saw her teacher, so excited! We also saw grandpa....who we knew was going, but finally at halftime we found his seats and talked to him for awhile. It was fun explaining all the plays to them, because I don't think they have ever watched a whole game. I think they were most excited because they know what a big OSU fan daddy is. It was so fun to have everyone dressed up and ready to cheer on our favorite team. Sydnie and I even painted our fingernails orange and black! After the game we ordered pizza from our favorite pizza place and enjoyed that with our favorite niece and nephew and brother and SIL. Good day. Good Pizza. Good Memories.