Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My First Official Day

So today is my first official day as an employee at my children's school! I am back in the work force and frankly I am a little nervous. This SAHM thing is all I have known for almost 10 years! I have dabbled in work from time to time, I really wanted to do something, but I missed my kids more. But this is the perfect job. My kids are in school full time, I will be there, they can see me and say hi if they want to and it is only 2hrs a day. A foot in the door. A chance to make sure I really want to work again. I was really torn as I was filling out applications early this year, did I want to work 4-6 hours? I talked with the principal, he gave me pointers and advice, told me to use him as a reference........in the end I applied for my current job based on the fact that they begged me too. haha. So today, instead of spending the last remaining day with my kids, I am headed to training for 4 hours. They get to go have fun bowling with some friends. I will be working all day, from training to pta open house to football practice to bedtime, then wake up to the first official day of school. It is a jam packed day and in the end I get a paycheck and I still get to spend time with my kids. Wish me luck!


SirSia said...

I appreciate your title, it's a reality, not everyone can understand it. "life worth living "

jnkslagle said...

Congratulations, Roch. I'm proud of you for taking this job. As you said, you've been wanting to do something like this and what a perfect schedule. Have fun with it.

and p.s. You made me laugh with the movie discussion from your previous post. Did Thad like the movie as much as you?

imacootie said...

Wahoo! Good luck! Hope your day went well today!

Teresa said...

So...How did it go? I don't see the "I quit" post yet, so you must have returned for day two :) I hope it is going well !!! :)