Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Sightings

On sunday as we were headed out of town to the play, we stopped at starbucks for a little caffeine and some eats for the road. As we walked into the store it was almost as if I could smell the pumpkin spice syrup calling me, begging me to buy one. I am complete now. They have indeed started selling this scrumptious pumpkin spiked caffeine buzz. I love this drink. I wait for September and drink it all the way until they run out of the syrup, which is usually sometime in early january and then I wait the rest of the year for September to arrive. For some people fall starts the back to school and holiday season. The time when leaves fall from the trees and the air is crisp and beautiful. For me it is the return of my favorite drink and it makes paying $4 for slice of heaven here on earth all worth it!!


Teresa said...

AMEN! I had one yesterday morning myself!!! :)