Monday, September 01, 2008


ry-ry did not want to touch anything. no dirty hands for her.
hello cutie pie. noah's favorite color.

these flowers looked like wax. sydnie really liked them.

sea anemone. i think. maybe i need to go back and learn more. ha ha.

jellyfish are the most interesting creatures.
fun to watch them float in the current.
sounds of the ocean.

listening to a blue whale, which he studied about last year.

copying noah.

aren't grandpa's the best. they stop and explain everything
to you and make learning fun.
This museum was kind of fun. We watched the video of the exploding whale, which actually was kind of funny, even though it was disgusting. We saw some friends of ours in a beach safety video...little, itty bitty Holly. (so cute). We only had an hour to get through it before we met ry-ry's mom for lunch, but it was well worth the!