Wednesday, September 10, 2008

smelly town, smelly town

i have a town stinks. literally. i don't know if it is fertilizer, pesticides, but something in this town stinks. my whole house reeks of it. i cannot leave my windows open unless i want to smell this unbearable stinkiness. so i am not sure if i need to call the mayor, the city council or the farmers around here. now, i have blogged this year about how i love the fresh produce that i can buy around here.............but right now i do not like the farmers so much. it has been happening all summer long, but it is really bad right now. i want a good nights sleep with no stinkiness!!!! i know that there are some ladies from our lovely town that read this little blog....does your house stink too?


kim white said...

dude, my house reeeeks too! oh my goodness, it is really bad!

imacootie said...

If you figure it out let me know! I can't handle it. Its horrible!