Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So I am answering my friends question (http://buhtafly.blogs.com/) regarding what are you sentimental about......

well there are probably too many things to count, some of them trivial, some of them big. But the one i am going to talk about today was a passion, obsession and love of mine from back in the late 80's. Now some of you will gasp and say "i can't believe that she is admitting she is that old" some will think "what the heck are the 80's" and some will understand, cuz you are girls.

i am completely and totally sentimental about one of my all time favorite movies.....Gone with the Wind. i love that movie and i don't really know why. if i hear the music, i get all teary eyed. if i see and image from the movie, my mind wanders to my favorite scenes. if i hear a phrase or famous line, i see rhett walking out on scarlett. it is a classic that will be around for generations to come.

I cannot even recall the first time i saw the movie, maybe middle school. but that started the passion. debbie and i (my bff at the time) would spend countless hours talking about the movie. we collected anything GWTW. I have porcelin dolls, collector plates, barbies, posters, games, stationery, coffee table books, first edition sequels, and christmas ornaments. the list could go on and on. these are the precious things i still cannot give away. i bring them out occasionally (they have their own storage box) and i look at them. this morning, before i had even read bree's blog i put the movie into watch. it has been probably 5 years since i have watched it. my passion towards it has changed, but i still love to sit down and enjoy a good 4 hours with scarlett, rhett, ashley and melanie. to be transported back to a time that is gone with the wind...ha ha.


CresceNet said...
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Teresa said...

Okay, can't believe that I am going to admit that I have never watched this movie....your wonderful report and such passion for the movie has made me want to rent it...I will report back after viewing :)