Monday, January 07, 2008

all coffee is not the same

so there are just some things in life that i have decided it is okay to just be a total snob about....and coffee is one of them. I used to give my brother a really bad time about the fact that he would drink nothing other than starbucks....but he is sooooo right. In my quest to be dilligent in our finances i have made the mistake of buying some "other" brands of coffee, they will remain nameless, but they totally and completely sucked!!! ha ha. I finally broke down and bought some starbucks coffee the other has been awhile since I have had it here at the house.....oooohhhh the love. it tastes so good. i really must have nothing else in my life that brings me happiness, but seriously. my taste buds were so happy today and you know what they say......if mommy's taste buds aren't happy, then no one else is happy.
and another thing that makes me happy. I should get my customized card in the mail anyday. can you guess which design i chose?
FYI......peppermint mocha creamer also makes me very happy!!!