Thursday, January 10, 2008

SOOC vs Edited

SOOC (straight out of camera) - very shadowed

fun and funky with the omni spotlight

i think i did the warm filter on this one and it is too orange
did not adjust color...wanted to see the warmer in action.

pure and simple b&w

This is my final one..the one i love. i burned the edges and
played with the saturation and color. i love it.

I have had a ton of fun playing with my photoshop the last several days. i have had this program for 3 years and have just done some basic edits (crop,auto color, etc). but i stumbled across a couple of different blogs that made me pine for more.....more photoshop. i am an addict now. (when i told thad that i pinched my nose like a coker would. of course he did not laugh, but i did. i guess it is no worse than licking my scrapbook paper)
i am on the hunt now for free actions that i can load to my photoshop elements. i have finally decided that my two hours of free time in the afternoon are now being spent on photoshop. of course the last several mornings noah has had to fend for himself while mommy feeds her addiction. i think it is just devoting time. i also am taking an online photography class to help feed my overall picture taking addiction. although in the last several months, my photo taking has decreased dramatically....i think it has something to do with not scrapbooking anymore.
so if you don't see my for awhile, if i have that worn out, dark eye look and if i start trading in kids to buy cs3 or actions......don't fear, it's just photoshop!


Bree said...

I like the last one too! I like the b&w too! :) PS is fun to learn and love to hate..haha :)