Friday, January 25, 2008

The Breakfast Corndog

so about a year ago noah was begging me to eat corndogs for breakfast and everytime i would tell him no, that is not a breakfast food, let alone something you should everyday.....i happen to be shopping at walmart and what did i discover!!!! THE BREAKFAST CORNDOG!!!! the holy grail of breakfast foods to a little boy. it had everything he loved. pancakes and sausage dipped in syrup. he was in heaven. I knew that word would get around soon enough, that the motherload of all breakfasts could be purchased at your local store. So last night we are watching of my new fav shows, when suddenly the weinerlicious girl is offering chuck a breakfast corndog.....i just know there is going to be a run on them now...ha ha. they must have guy writers on that show that discovered them as well. cuz only a guy would write a line into a tv show about the breakfast corndog!!! seriously. made me laugh.


Bree said...

ooh sounds good! I need to look for those!

Teresa said...

So cute and yes, very much "boy" food :) Who knows, maybe it is a sign that Noah will have a future in writing for T.V. shows :) HAHA