Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Dynasty Continues

It's not about the speed....

it's all about the design, look at that tail fly!

Beagle Power

Benny the Beaver Believer (you cannot see his cute osu shirt in this shot)

This last weekend we participated in the awana grand prix again....and we came home winners! Each of the kids won for design, which is all because of their daddy! The kids and Thad spend hours dreaming and designing their cars, because let's face it...this is not my thing. I like to be creative and I contribute in some capacity, but without the help of their father and all his tools, all would be lost. This year noah decided to do a OSU beavers car and sydnie wanted to do a webkinz beagle. Sydnie painted her own and noah did a bunch on his, but the parents smoothed it all out for him. We used a glossy car paint this year and it really helped the overall design and they looked really great. The saddest part was that noah was playing basketball while his car raced and was not even their to pick up his trophy...oh well...he survived just fine. I joked with thad that he was setting the kids up for failure, cuz someday they will not win and he looked at me and, i am creating a design dynasty! ha ha. good thing it is him and not me.


Teresa said...

Cute cars! I always think it is neat that the dads get in on the car creating action. Can't wait until we are old enough to join the fun. :)