Saturday, January 12, 2008

boy style

notice the rock band stance or maybe it is the gunfighting stance -
"am i playing basketball? these guys in blue are out to get me...
give me my fully loaded guitar so i can rock their worlds."

who doesn't enjoy standing one minute and the next you
are falling to the ground...just for kicks and giggles (oh wait
this is a boy post....) just for the heck of it. maybe he is trying
out his dance moves to go with the guitar playing.

chase a ball!!! are you kidding. i love to chase after round
objects that bounce. plus you gotta love the it
when it sticks up like that when he runs.

oh boy...more falling down action. he couldn't be happier
right now.

"sweet.....i got it before these other kids could. i rock."
That is pretty much the extent of his game today...except for when he was on the court waving at his sister and then he started yelling her name so she would wave back!!! I love kindergarten ball. He is like a wet noodle out there...he just runs around with his arms doing whatever...he never tries to shoot and he always stays on his color opponent. not bad for first year...especially when i can't get him to practice at all. The best thing about watching him is when he miraculously pulls out his air guitar or his machine gun and starts going to town. oblivious to everyone around him. i am not sure that a career in sports is in his future!!!! ha ha