Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Headache the size of texas

this evening after awana was over we were heading home with 4 kids in the car, 3 girls and one boy...when suddenly the girls started singing HSM songs at the top of their lungs..each trying to outsing the other. WOW. It was so adorable i did not have the heart to tell them to stop. they were excited because one of them is having her HSM birthday party in two weeks and they were talking excitedly about who they were going to dress up as and which outfit of that character they would wear. i think it is hysterical to see all these girls walking around with the clothes, the lunchsacks, the school bags, well just about anything they can think of has been made into HSM stuff. Gotta love that i am off for a bottle of tylenol and sleep.


Unknown said...

Hey I had a headache on the way home too! Oh- but mine was from the wonderful shaving cream artwork ;) hehe so cute :)

The girls sound so cute in the car! It totally brings me back to my NKOTB days.. :) hehe

Teresa said...

So funny!! What a good mom to let them keep the good times rollin' at the expense of your head. :) I love the flashback reminder from bree....NKOTB all the way!!! :)

Amy said...

I had forgotten about NKOTB!! "You got the right stuff baby!!" I had such a big crush on them. My mom wouldn't let me buy the music, but one of my friends gave me a tape (haha a TAPE) for my birthday and sang and danced around the backyard all summer with that one. I wonder what the HSM/NKOTB will be for kids Malachi's age. So cute!!