Saturday, January 19, 2008

a little me time

Last night I had the chance to go to a cooking class at Kelly's. I have been wanting to go to one and my MIL called a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would like to go...I said sure. Last night I arrived just as the opening was starting. There are many people who had taken classes before from the wonderful chef donna. it was a great evening filled with lots to learn and smell and taste.

She started off the evening with a north african meat soup that was fruity and had a wonderful beef tenderloin meat. it is a simple stock recipe, easy to create and inexpensive to make. it was not my favorite, but still a wonderful dish.

Next came the "big" demonstration.....shrimp bisque and coconut shrimp. Now i was in heaven with the coconut of my alltime favorites!!! this soup was complicated and a long process but it was heaven in a soup bowl. perfect flavoring and just the right amount of heat. I would like to say i would make this, but unless it was for company, i just don' t know.

the third soup was a simple sweet potato with chicken and lime! it was my favorite soup of the evening. this one you can cheat and buy canned diced peppers, which cuts down on your prep time!! it was a really good. i loved her homemade tortilla strips on top...that was so easy and fast to make for any mexican dish.

of course she saved the best for last and made us each a dessert of creme all time favorite dessert.

it was a fun evening with lots to learn. i loved the little facts that i never would have learned had i not went to this class. more than just soup! to learn more about the cooking school go here (