Tuesday, January 29, 2008


some type of white, crystally, flaky stuff to write about. Tonight we finally got a bunch of snow.
I was at a PTA meeting with our principal at school and when we started to walk out someone mentioned it was snowing......HOLY CRAP!!! it was beautiful. in the two blocks to our house i slid around a bit. I have been dying for snow. all around us there has been inches of snow...but finally it was our turn. i am hoping that we will wake up to several more inches in the morning....only time will tell. it will probably be one of those nights were everytime i roll over i will have to get up and check to see if it has snowed.


buhtafly said...

we are so excited here! I didnt let them go out and play in it yet- they didnt ask really, but now I feel bad. It has stopped and melting, so I am worried it wont be around in the morning to play in!