Monday, January 07, 2008

Meet Snowflake

For my birthday this year the kids had a plan. they knew exactly what they wanted to get me for my big day and so I would like to introduce you to my very own webkinz....snowflake. a cute little beagle with a sweet disposition and a really cool bedroom!!!! ha ha. we walked into practice a week ago and a friend showed up with her very own webkinz that her kids had bought her for her birthday. of course sydnie and noah thought that was the coolest thing ever! so friday night they went out and bought me one. they could barely contain their excitement and were telling me about all the webkinz they saw at the mall with daddy, even how they had seen one beagle left at the candy store!! so funny. so i am officially a webkinz addict. in my spare time(which is why there has been no posts lately) i have been earning coins and spinning the wheel of wow!!! the funny thing is that a couple of other moms i know are getting one for their birthday this month....must be the new mommy trend. gotta love that.


buhtafly said...

You should add me to your contacts..hehe its very addicting isnt it?? I just wish they let the west coast play longer-I get uninterrupted play after the kids go to bed at night. haha Happy Birthday!

Samuel & Amy said... what is webkins?? I have been trying to figure this out and asking around and no one knows what I am talking about except you guys!! You must explain for us un-informed people!!:) haha Happy Birthday!!