Tuesday, January 08, 2008


she is now eight. she is stubborn. she is adorable. she is a reader. she is a lover of animals. she is techo girl. she is smart. she is fascinating. she is slow as mollasas. she is beautiful. she is a good negotiator. she is talented. she is messy. she is a fast talker. she is good at memorizing. she is into hannah montana. she is into high school musical. she is into webkinz. she is a second grader. she is amazing. she called a boy tonight to talk on the phone! she is incredible. she is full of energy. she is all girl. she is into basketball. she loves the color blue. she likes her pix taken. she loves to look in the mirror at herself. she loves her long hair. she is mine.


Anonymous said...

This made me seriosly cry like a baby!! :)