Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the simple life

growing up you have all these dreams and hopes and desires....and then reality hits. i am a stay at home mom. we do not have two incomes. we sacrifice a lot for me to stay at home. we don't go out to eat. we don't buy new cars. we live hand to mouth, wondering can i buy that extra creamer for my coffee? we shop at old navy and target. the saddest day was when i cut up my nordstroms card. we have to save to buy something that is over $50. but in the end, from my viewpoint, it is worth it. i feel like i have more time with my kids, more experiences with them. just more!

but over the last year our tv has been going downhill. it is 10 years old. a purchase we made back when we both worked, good incomes and we still found a killer deal on this tv. but sadly lines have started to form. the sound is still okay, but it is getting old. so we talked about getting a new one this year, but then both cars went in for repairs and there went any money for a tv. we settled into a life of tube tv and crappy picture for another couple of years.

but then, enter some gracious parents and a great grandma and christmas. we are now the proud owners of a flat screen tv! wow. i try not to ask for too much in this life. and i know that so many of you already own them and are quietly thinking what the heck is wrong with me that i didn't rush out and buy one the minute they became the hot ticket. (see first paragraph in post).

last night i programmed our tv to find the hd broadcast channels!!! WOW. i cannot believe the difference. it is amazing. i can actually see the picture. now yet again, we are cheap and only have basic, basic cable around here....2,6,8,12! I was going to have to pay $9.00 a month for a stupid hd box and then the lady at comcast told me that i should auto program the tv to find these hd channels!! thanks for the free tip! the one thing we did do is buy an upconvert dvd player so that our current dvd's can play in hd format...that was a good purchase. until blue rays come down in price and the dvd's get a little less expensive we will stay with this.

all this being said. i am grateful and appreciative that we were given this gift. it makes me happy. makes me want to watch tv all day!! ha ha. thanks mom and dad and grandma. you brought us into the 21st century.


buhtafly said...

Oooh can I come over and drool- I mean see it? hahhaa what an AWESOME gift, very lucky indeed!