Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tweet Tweet

I picked up these Converse last the birds. Me and a friend both bought them to wear! We were joking around that we would call each other before we wore them, so that when we pick up our kids from school we can be matchy matchy!!! ha ha. My friend found them first and we searched for my size (they were on clearance) then I just happened to try on an 8 and they I am proudly wearing my Converse Bird Shoes!!! Everytime Thad asks me why I bought bird shoes, I reply.........tweet tweet. What can I say.........I love shoes!!! I could have a whole room devoted to shoes!! I think I have a little Carrie Bradshaw inside me. If I could only run after my children in Manolo's I would! That and if I still had the feet of a 20 year old!


Bree said...

CUTE!!!! Cant wait to see them! where was there a shoe clearance?? Do share!