Sunday, May 25, 2008

8 wheels and the open road

It is official. We are now a family of only 8 wheels. All of our bikes are training wheel free! (including mine haha.....hey it's early and i don't feel good leave me alone for the bad joke). Yesterday afternoon we took noah down to the school, where there is lots of soft grass and a wood track and we did not even need it. He took off and did not look back. He even starts himself off without troubles. Now I am not saying that the landings are perfect, but I think he likes to fall over a lot! As we were riding home together, he told me that he liked the bike so much better than his scooter and that he was going to ride all the time from now on! Last year he could have ridden without the training wheels, but fear held him back and he would not try. He could have had a whole year with the speed and freedom. I am so happy for him and I cannot wait to take family bike rides now.............before we had to go slow to wait for the scooter child, but now watch out!