Wednesday, May 21, 2008

wii fit

picked up the wii fit today at Costco! I have not been able to touch it. My kids have been playing it all afternoon! They keep running in to tell me that I should play it and I keep telling them that I would love to! They are doing the island run right now and cracking up! noah has figured out that you don't have to actually run, but just swing your arms and it still counts! they are so funny. It looks like it will be fun, but who knows! maybe tonight I will get the chance to play! the snow jumping looks like a lot of fun, sydnie became an expert right away....jumped the whole distance.......noah not so much!

I guess it is okay that i have not played. i still feel crummy. I just wish the fever would go away. I am really hoping that i can hit the gym tomorrow! I feel like I have lost all of my measly little muscles that I built up! ha ha.

I just heard them say that u can unlock new games as you earn points! That would be cool. plus the packaging is all green and cool is that! and when you play with your mii's they are all in yoga pants!!! ha ha.


Unknown said...

Sweeet. I am jealous. I want one. Back to saving up again. For now I will have to get a work out boxing. haha.

Have you played with it yet? Is it AWEsome?