Sunday, May 04, 2008


what a DUDE!!!! He loves this game! (if you look closely you can see his striped unds under the white pants....ha ha)

teaching his friend from school how to hold the ball while you throw it.

a little cute is that?

and here is the money shot!!!
Ummmmm.........that is not my kid. I don't know who's he is. How rude and don't his parents teach him sportsmanship? I mean come on!!! Ohhh wait, he does look familiar, could it be, i don't know how my child could act that way? Oh crap it is mine. What does he think that he is doing out there. good thing he was in the no one else could see, except with a telephoto lens. he he.
Everytime he was at bat yesterday, he would hit the ball then swing it wide and throw the bat back, missing the catcher (thank goodness) and then take off running to first. So the coach had a little talk with him and by his third at bat, he did not even want to hit, he was so afraid he was gonna lob it at the catcher. So after the game we had a little one on one and I found out that he learned if from watching "the sandlot" of his favorite movies! and I am guessing the tongue is from the movie as well. man, it is so fun to be a little boy.


Teresa said...

Those are some GREAT shots that really capture the feel and spirit of the game!!! I do love the tongue one but I have to say my favorite is the shot that he is helping his friend learn how to throw the ball!!! What a fun loving and caring little guy you are raising!!!