Friday, May 09, 2008

From Bad to Worse

So this morning started off pretty good. Got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and went to workout. Saw my friend there and then for some incredibly stupid reason decided to try group groove this morning instead of riding on the elliptical. Now this would be all well and good if I had not had to shake my bon bons and smack my booty (all in the name of group groove) as my friend and her husband and little ones decided to walk by.........ha ha, ha ha, seriously, ha ha. Hi Bree!

I decided to stick out the class and finally got a decent routine to work out with, where there was no snake, no cowboy and no butterflies! But really not my type of class. I feel a lot better when I work up a sweat on the elliptical, plus I get to read.

SOOOOO then I had to rush home to get to the mother's day lunch at school, which my son threatened me by saying "If you don't buy me my nerf gun I want, I won't give you your Mother's Day gift!!" Which he lost the privelage to buy the gun, get the gun or see sunshine for a week.

But then after school he walked up with said gift in his hands and asked if I bought the gun......I said no. He proceeded to walk a ways away from me and SMASH his ceramic gift that he had made! No lie. So now he sits in his room with no toys, no privelages, no WII, no trampoline and nothing to do except think about what he has done. It is going to be a long weekend, because this is what he gets to do.......................for two more days!

It has been a wonderful start to Mother's Day weekend! Hopefully it will get a little better. :)


Bree said...

That class looked like alot of fun! I may have to try that with you next time! Or read on the elliptical.. I just got The Host today!

I am sorry to hear about that would have me in tears! I hope he realizes what he did wrong! :( I also hope that your weekend gets much much better!