Monday, May 19, 2008

Ants for Dinner

This morning I woke up at the unearthly hour of 5:30am and since I could not get back to sleep I decided to hit the net. I read some blogs and then headed over to visit the Pioneer Woman. I found the mother lode of recipes on one of her contest from last week and spent an hour and half searching thru them for some that sounded good. I copied about 20 and was pretty excited to make the grilled talapia tonight, but as I am sick with a sinus infection and nice little fever, I decided to not go anywhere to buy the ingredients. Instead I decided to serve up some chicken with ants!
Now let's talk about ants for a minute. I hate them, I loath them and they are in my house right now! I have lucked out for a couple of years and they have been confined to the garage and laundry room. But this year they hit our kitchen full boar! They are everywhere! And considering that Oregon is built on a huge ant domain we have them all the time! YUCK! Plus given our run in at my brother's house with ants and noah's phobia...I thought I would have some fun with him tonight.
I found a simple casserole recipe that had a small amount of poppyseeds in it (don't ask me why, they did not add anything). Noah of course complained that he did not like this recipe and was not going to eat it! As Noah took his first bite of chicken casserole...........i looked at him with all seriousness and told him that i rounded up a bunch of dead ants and threw them in the chicken dish!!! He just about lost his dinner right there. Ahhh the love of a mother! It runs deep this desire to mess with my kids! I see it as a sign of love and affection. They see it as years of counseling to get over the damage I have done to them. he he.


Teresa said...

Sorry to hear you are sick! That is a pretty funny one to pull on Noah, especially after your experience earlier in the season at your bros house! :) Sounds like something we would do :) So I am going to agree that it is just showing your love and affection for them!

imacootie said...

I can't find the recipe on Pioneer Women! It looks good. haha! Minus the ants of course, i'd probably be freaking out with Noah. Hope you are feeling much better! See ya at the gym!