Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Too Far

So I do enjoy the going "green" thing........who is not jumping on board with the whole reusable bags, recycling, etc..........................

but this might take it just a little too far! A SOLAR POWERED BRA???? that can charge a phone or ipod from your chest? I mean I always knew "these" things were fully charged, but come on! Check out the entire article here:

Then laugh hysterically remembering the time I said b**bies to my principal like 6 times in a row!!! ahhhhhh....the good old days when b**bies were just b**bies and not solar power operated, electrically charged ipod generators. haha haha haha.


Unknown said...

OK, see? That's funny.
A few quotes that made me laugh.

"I always knew "these" things were fully charged"

"lingerie could possibly save the planet" (hasn't it already?)

"a bra that turns into a reusable shopping bag and one that featured metal chopsticks to promote the use of reusable chopsticks."

Oh, and thanx for putting stars on *OO****. I would have stumbled if I read the whole word!