Thursday, May 22, 2008


hoping to go see this tomorrow afternoon. I am sure that it cannot live up to the originals and I will be sad to see Indy (let's just say he is not in his prime anymore)! I cannot believe how iconic that fedora just see it in a side profile and you know who it is! Plus the music......hello, classic. Of course for those of you too young (bree and teresa) you may not remember these movies...ha ha JK.

When I was little my dad took me to all of the Indy movies and Star Wars movies. I think that is why they are cemented in my character. It was time with my dad and brother. Just the three of us hanging out together. I remember going to see the second movie and almost throwing up when they ate the monkey brains! ha ha. Just Thad and I going tomorrow. should be fun. like a real date.


Teresa said...

Okay smarty pants...I am 30 and we went last night at 10:30pm as this is one of Kenny's all time favs! As you said it did not live up to the originals/older ones but was still a fun time. :) Hope you enjoy the movies old lady. I think you can get a discount of some sort :) HAHA

Bree said...

The ride at Disneyland was a lot of fun! I should have watched the movies, it might have made more sense to me why we were driving away from a rolling stone. Weird!

HAHAHAHAH! Yes! I have seen them, the years have made them a little fuzzy..haha But I do remember them :) We will probably have to wait til its a rental to see it though!

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