Thursday, May 29, 2008


My lovely friend J gifted me with the most awesome present this week!!! Now here comes the part of the story where the crazy comes out! You all know that I love coffee, I have blogged about it many times. But I also love the Starbucks Passion Tea. My SIL made me try one a couple of years ago and it quickly became my favorite drink in the spring and summer. I even have some tea so that I can make a quick batch at home!

So as I started my new found calorie counting I have been monitoring my intake of water, I drink a lot of water! I love ice cold water. I like a bunch of ice and some water that I just keep refilling over and over! But my new secret crazy is drinking my water out of my leftover venti passion tea cups. I know that I am drinking 20oz with each cup and then when I make my passion tea at home I feel like I went to starbucks, but just saved myself $2.15.

So last week when my friend came to pick up her kids I offered her freshly baked cookies and a cup of passion tea (in a starbucks cup). She laughed at me and I told her that now she was seeing the real me! On monday I got a very excited call from J asking me if I liked suprises or anticipation........then she told me that she bought me this new cup from Starbucks. A double walled plastic cup just like their passion tea cups! The lid screws on and it has a cool plastic straw!

Seriously this cup ROCKS! it does not sweat and it is so stinkin cute! I checked out our starbucks in town and they are completely sold out. I am telling you Starbucks is genius!

So thank u J for the awesome gift. you are so good to me and you are an awesome friend!


Bree said...

SO COOL! I want one!!! nothing like a little psyching yourself into getting that water intake!

Teresa said...

I saw these the other day and thought they were AWESOME!!! I am so jealous!!!

Amy said...

Passion tea is my favorite. It just HAS to taste better at home in one of those cups!!! :) I love getting ice water from there, too. They have some good ice!! When I was pregnant, I was totally into drinking water as fast as I could so that way I could crunch the slightly melted ice. I used to ask Samuel to get me ice water from there because I could swear that the ice tasted better there...See you aren't the only weird one:)