Tuesday, May 06, 2008

When did that happen?

Yesterday my second grader came home with the Dinosaur report info!! She chose an Apatosaurus to report on, because her best friend was as well.......ahhhh how cute! So we were told as the parents to research with our children and help them get ready for the report. Only I could not figure out what the heck an apatosaurus was. I guess that is what happens to a mom of two that really could care less about dinos. I found a great website that had a ton of info and also found out that it is a bronosaurus. When I said that, my daughter turns to me and says
dd: "uhhhhh, mom, that is not it's name anymore!"
me: "it's not?"
dd: "no, mom.........they renamed it, because they figured out that they had the wrong head on the wrong body!"
me: "they did?"
dd: "they found a whole intact dinosaur fossil and realized that they had the wrong parts"
me: "hum, that sounds about right, wonder when this happened?"
dd: "it probably happened in like 1999, when you weren't in school anymore, so you would not know!"
me: "yup, probably!"
Ohhhh, they grow up so fast. She was on top of it and knew all the right info! guess i don't need to research anymore for her, since she knows it all......ha ha.


Sanctification said...

Oh my gosh, I feel sooo old! Kids are so cute when they're right.