Thursday, April 02, 2009

World Autism Day

this year i have had the opportunity to meet some amazing kids and be in their world for a short time. these kids are special and just want to be loved. i love spending time with them and watching how their minds work and create. it is interesting to me that they thrive in their world, but struggle in ours. if we all just took a moment to enter their see life through their eyes how amazing would that be.

today is world autism day. support it. know it. stretch yourselves to see through their eyes.

another exciting project if you have not heard about it is the miracle project. a mom of an autistic child started a theatre company and a documentary was made about it. "autism: the musical" great movie. shows you how amazing and talented most of these little kiddos are.

and finally this is dedicated to my little friend who i love dearly, who has stolen my heart......

let me enter your world for one day, sing songs, draw pictures and just be. cannot wait to see you today and celebrate your world!