Thursday, April 23, 2009

take your child to work

so today was take your child to work day and sydnie finally got to go to work with daddy! she has begged him for about two years to go and this year he finally agreed. being the procrastinators that he is, thad forgot to add syd's name to the work list and luckily on wednesday when he emailed them, they said that they had one spot left!

here is the part of the story that i like: syd was up at 6:30!!! dressed by 6:40!!! teeth and hair and various packing done by 6:50!!!!

this has never happened in the history of sydnie....her nickname is molasses! i think she was really excited. she had a really great time with her dad. they visited a metals/plastics cutting facility and she brought home some cutout figures (a dolpin, a rose and a horse)

noah came to work with me for fifteen minutes of my morning in second grade, then he wanted to go to class. in the afternoon i grabbed him and he came down to fifth grade with me, but there was not much for him to do, so he went back to class. overall he was happy because he got to do a couple of things with his mom!